PT. INDONESIA DS INDAH KARYA is the leading producer and supplier for Container Housing. Our production facility builds these units with the goal of durability, quality and also comfort for the occupants.

The advantages of such housing are:

  • COST

It is more expensive to buy and build up a brand new container unit, simply because it needs more work on it. Cost-wise is also higher, because of the need to purchase a brand new container, and then customize it accordingly. Moreover, there is the environmental impact of not using a refurbished, recycled product which is just as durable and same quality.

Our used container housing units are faster to produce, better suited for the tropics, durable, economical and can be fitted out according to your exact requirements. It can be transported, recycled, leave a minimal footprint, easy to maintain, can be relocated or joined up with other units.. many many advantages to using these units for your housing needs.

We Provide Other Configurations, Designs and Customisations.

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